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Your worksite might already qualify for the Mother-Friendly designation.

Many employers who consider applying for Mother-Friendly designation realize they already meet the criteria to qualify. An employer may be designated as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite if they offer a written employee worksite lactation support policy that offers:

  • Flexible work schedules including scheduling breaks and work patterns to provide time for expression of milk.
  • Access to a private location(s) that is not a bathroom, for the purpose of milk expression.
  • Access to a nearby clean and safe water source and a sink for washing hands and rinsing out any breast pump equipment.
  • Access to hygienic storage options for mothers to safely store breastmilk.
Getting Designated

Full criteria for designation as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite are provided in Texas Administrative Code. Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about the minimum criteria for the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation.

Some employers choose to provide additional offerings, such as educational resources, expert support, work-from-home options, onsite or nearby child care, or baby-at-work policies. For employers who choose to offer program components beyond the minimum Mother-Friendly criteria, special Silver and Gold Worksite designations are also available.

The practical aspect of becoming Mother-Friendly is that each business can customize program components to meet the needs of the worksite and its employees.

The Benefits

As a designated Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite, you'll have happier, healthier employees. You'll also enjoy rewards such as:

  • Public recognition in the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite listing.
  • Resources to help you promote your Mother-Friendly designation to your employees and the community and to help in your efforts to recruit employees.

At Texas Mutual, we've had mothers' rooms for over 15 years...Quote

Ed Coates, Senior Manager

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