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Mother-Friendly Worksite

Step 3: Assess Your Site

Once the committee is engaged, the next step is to study how your organization currently supports worksite lactation by assessing the current population, policies, environments, supports, needs, and constraints.

Assessment can include discussion with your committee, a scan of your organization, broad employee assessment, and interaction with stakeholders and key informants through the use of focus groups, interviews, or forums. Once the information is gathered, the findings will determine what type of program is most appropriate.


Brainstorming Questions Download PDF 503.46 KB

Questions to spark discussion among committee members. These questions will help guide your committee in thinking about what you may want to learn from your assessment process.

Worksite Assessment Download DOC 5.64 MB

An assessment to help the committee explore and document the organization's current assets, barriers, strengths, constraints, and opportunities for creating a worksite lactation program.

Employee Survey – Online Tool Recommended Download DOC 1.64 MB

Survey to be used in larger organizations to collect opinions and feedback from your employees, including parenting employees, managers, and the general employee population.

TEMPLATE: Survey Summary Report - Part 1 Download DOC 1.80 MB

A document to help summarize key findings for the committee and other decision-makers, once the survey is complete. Two template formats are provided to illustrate both a comprehensive summary report and high-level key findings report.

TEMPLATE: Survey Summary Report - Part 2 Download DOC 2.16 MB

Key Informant Guide Download PDF 252.47 KB

Key informant interviews for giving you the opportunity to speak to someone with firsthand knowledge of the information or issues you want to address. This guide shows you how to plan your interview and create your interview questions.

Focus Group Guide Download DOC 1.66 MB

How to conduct a focus group to collect more information about worksite lactation. Organizations with only a small number of parenting employees should use this tool instead of the employee survey to assess the needs of this population. For larger organiz

Worksite Prioritization Tool - Part 1 Download DOC 1.60 MB

A tool for reviewing the worksite data collected to help you decide on the most needed, feasible, cost-effective, and strategic locations to place dedicated Mother-Friendly lactation rooms.

Worksite Prioritization Tool - Part 2 Download DOC 434.00 KB

Worksite Prioritization Tool - Part 3 Download DOC 435.00 KB

TEMPLATE: Assessment Summary Report Download DOC 1.65 MB

Document that summarizes the findings of your committee's assessment efforts and helps it to develop recommendations and priorities for your organization's program.

To view these files, you may need to install one or more of these free applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word Viewer, or Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.

Texas Mutal Insurance Company

Success Story

Our workforce is 65 percent female, so establishment of the mothers' rooms was necessary to attract and retain quality employees.Pledge Image

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It doesn't have to be anything fancy. We converted a closet into an employee pump room. It's not expensive.Pledge Image

Geri Collins
Nursing Director