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Mother-Friendly Worksite

Step 4: Develop Your Policy

Creating a lactation support policy for your organization shapes the culture and attitudes within the organization and reflects a commitment to improving employee well-being.

The policy should clearly state what the employees can expect from the organization and what the organization expects from them. Some find it necessary to have a policy in place first and develop the rest of the program as part of a policy implementation plan, while others find that the approval of a formal policy is the end product of the implementation process.

After completing this step, consider applying for Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation.


TEMPLATE: Policy Development Guide Download DOC 1.69 MB

Explains why and how to develop a Mother-Friendly Worksite policy. Includes policy elements, information about laws related to worksite lactation support, a policy template, and sample policies from Texas Mother-Friendly Worksites.

Developing Your Policy Presentation Download PPT 14.01 MB

Explains why and how to develop a Mother-Friendly Worksite policy.

Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Policy Guidance-Condensed Download DOC 1.26 MB

Start here for a condensed primer on the basic policy requirements for Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation. Includes sample policies for a variety of worksite settings.

To view these files, you may need to install one or more of these free applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word Viewer, or Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.

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