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Mother-Friendly Worksite

Step 1: Get People on Board

A crucial aspect for the success of worksite lactation support programs is generating support from all levels of management, particularly senior managers.

Managerial support may be in the form of active participation in the planning or simply approving budget requests and visibly communicating support to all employees. This section provides resources and talking points that address the importance of breastfeeding and make a case for worksite lactation support on the basis of employee health and business efficiency.


Why Mother Friendly? Download PDF 137.53 KB

Why your organization should participate as a Mother-Friendly worksite.

Responding To Common Concerns Download PDF 165.10 KB

Suggested responses for employers to use when addressing concerns about creating a breastfeeding support program.

One Minute Elevator Pitch Download PDF 113.63 KB

Talking points to make the case for breastfeeding support in your workplace.

Need For Breastfeeding Support Download PDF 141.83 KB

Fact sheet that describes the need for breastfeeding support in the workplace.

Public Health Case Download PDF 154.65 KB

Fact sheet that presents the public health case for breastfeeding support.

Business Case Download PDF 142.44 KB

Fact sheet that makes the business case for breastfeeding support.

Helpful Links Download PDF 631.72 KB

List of key public health documents that reference the need for breastfeeding support programs and policies.

To view these files, you may need to install one or more of these free applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word Viewer, or Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.

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A woman's choice to breastfeed benefits the family, the city, and society.Pledge Image

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Only 13.5 percent of Texas infants were exclusively breastfed for 6 months of life, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.4, 31