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Mother-Friendly Worksite

Step 5: Plan Your Worksite

After you've identified your organization's needs, the next step is to consider options for your Mother-Friendly Worksite program and outline them in a written operating plan.

The Operating Plan provides the framework for your worksite lactation support program and is a critical tool to support your program's success and sustainability. The plan challenges your organization to implement the proposed components, creates legitimacy for the worksite lactation support program within the organization, and provides a road map for action.


Activities Menu Download DOC 5.60 MB

Checklist and inspiration guide for brainstorming and planning the features and offerings that will be included in your Mother-Friendly Worksite program.

Activity Prioritization Download DOC 1.64 MB

Once you've used the Activities Menu to brainstorm what your program might offer, use this matrix to prioritize activities by cost, time, commitment, and reach.

TEMPLATE: Operating Plan Guide Download DOC 2.05 MB

Document for compiling the priorities you've established into a formal operating plan.

To view these files, you may need to install one or more of these free applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word Viewer, or Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.

Freescale's program has grown to include prenatal kits, maternity and paternity leave, flexible scheduling, breast pump reimbursement, and onsite childcare.
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