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Mother-Friendly Worksite


Mother-Friendly Worksite 

Children's Courtyard, 3 minute 1 second Video 

Video of Kristen Rubine, Mom and Employee at Children’s Courtyard — shot of her walking outside with daughter Morgan:

KRISTEN: About five months ago, Morgan was diagnosed with a blood disorder . . . and talking with her hematologist . . . she recommended that Morgan continue to breastfeed in order to give her the extra immunities. 

Video of Kristen Rubine in the Mothers’ Room at Children's Courtyard and then outside with daughter:

KRISTEN: I work for the Children’s Courtyard . . . she and they’ve made it very easy for me to reach my breastfeeding goals, first by just offering that verbal support that hey, we’re here for you and we are going to help you achieve your goals . . . but then also at the facility, in between the infant rooms, there’s a lactation room. It’s got a little recliner and a little clock with some soothing music. . . so it’s cozy and it’s private, which helps with pumping to have kind of a nice, soft, warm place. 

Video of Afshun Akbar, District Manager of Children’s Courtyard — shots of her in her office and shots of employee Lisa Rodriguez visiting her child in the onsite day-care facility:

AFSHUN: We do want our employees to be happy . . . satisfied . . . and having a lactation room I think is critical because a mom has all kinds of anxiety and she’s feeling guilty about going back to work. So the last thing we want to do is pressure her and say, hey forget about the baby and be a productive employee. If you support her and let her spend those 15, 20 minutes with her baby and then be back at work,  she’s probably going to get more accomplished. I can say the lactation room has paid for itself as far as Children’s Courtyard is concerned because we have so many happy employees. Our parents who have used that facility report us to other parents who have enrolled with us.

Video of Christi Payne, mother of child at Children's Courtyard — view of exterior of Children’s Courtyard: 

CHRISTI: My name is Christi Payne, I am an optometrist in the Oakhill area. When I was trying to choose a child-care facility for my son, one of the defining factors was the fact that this facility has a mothers’ room. . . so I am able to come over here during my lunch break and nurse him every day.

Video of Lisa Rodriguez, Mom and Director, of Children’s Courtyard — shots of her working in the office:

LISA: I hear the stories of pumping in your car, pumping in your office, and that’s not necessarily anything that I wanted to do . . . so when I found out that . . . there was a lactation room available,
. . .it definitely made my decision to come back to work . . . smooth and easy – it was kind of a no-brainer.  I definitely feel valued and it makes me work harder and want to go that extra mile for them because I do know I have their support.

Video of Kristen Ruben with shots of Lisa Rodriguez and her daughter:

KRISTEN: The time that a mother breastfeeds is typically . . . about a year. So it’s one small window to help them through that. 

Video of Afshun with shots of her in her office and of Lisa making the rounds in the building:

AFSHUN: Turnover is a huge thing in our industry, so to cut turnover, we have to be flexible with our employees and retain talent. I’ve seen teachers and some managers stay with us, not because of pay but the way that we treat them.

Video of Kristen Rubine with shots of her and her daughter laughing outside:

KRISTEN: For businesses, it is definitely a huge payoff to support new moms in the workplace . . . I feel very loyal to the Children’s Courtyard for supporting me in my goals to breastfeed and just to be a parent and to be there for my children . . . it means the world to me.

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