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Mother-Friendly Worksite


Mother-Friendly Worksite 

About Mother-Friendly, 1 minute 29 second Video 

Video of Geri Collins, Director of Methodist Women’s Center — shots of Mothers’ room and a shot of Geri in her office:

GERI: Working with numerous organizations . . . getting them set up with pump rooms . . . that was the first question that they would ask  – what’s in it for me, and how much is this going to cost me? 

Video of Clifton Gillette, Director of Health and Wellness at Tesoro — shots of him in his office and shots of the Mothers’ room:

CLIFTON: Wellness in general is going to become really one of the key differentiators in . . . employers that are successful or non-successful . . . Having a mother-friendly workplace certainly is supportive and increasing that bond between the mother and a child.

Video of Sandi Tomlinson, Benefits Director at Freescale Semiconductor — shots of her office and the Mothers’ room:

SANDI: A mothers’ room is . . . a room about the size of an office, and it provides a cozy, convenient, and accessible place for mothers to go and pump breastmilk. We found that it doesn’t take a lot of investment
. . . it’s a very low-cost investment with high returns.

Video of Afshun Akbar, District Manager of Children’s Courtyard — shots of her in the office and shots of a mother holding her child:

AFSHUN: We do want our employees to be happy . . .  and satisfied . . . and having a lactation room . . . has paid for itself as far as Children’s Courtyard is concerned.

Video of Brett Hurt, CEO of Bazaarvoice — shots of mothers working and with their children:

BRETT: We definitely don’t want to make breastfeeding a barrier to the women that work at Bazaarvoice; it’s very important that they’re bonding with that child . . . they’re going to be happier because their kids get sick less often, and so I think it makes tremendous sense for us to do that.  

Video of Geri Collins with shots of her in her office and of working mothers with their children:

GERI: It’s a win/win situation– happy employer, happy employee, then you’ve got happy clients . . . so go for it!

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