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Mother-Friendly Worksite


Mother-Friendly Worksite 

Methodist Children's Hospital, 2 minute 56 second Video 

Video of Methodist Children's Hospital exterior and interior with nurses working:

GERI: A company should want to take care of their employees without having someone tell them they have to do that – it should come from their heart. 

Video of Geri Collins, Director of Methodist Women’s Center — shots of her in her office, then shots of Teresa Rodriguez and her child on the grounds of the hospital, and then views of the Mothers’ room:

GERI: My name is Geri Collins, I am a Maternal Child Nurse for 35 years . . . and I am the Director of Methodist Women’s Center. I am very proud of the designation that we have with Mother-Friendly Worksite. If a business wants to support their employees and a mother that is breastfeeding, one of the easiest things they can do is establish a room for them.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy . . . we converted a closet into an employee pump room.

Video of Teresa Rodriguez, Mother and Methodist Children’s Hospital Employee _ shots of her working and then outside with her children:

TERESA: Knowing that there is a room available to go and pump for yourself . . . was a relief. I have two children . . . both of them have been breastfed . . .  before I started . . . I was really aiming for a year…now I’m nursing my daughter – we’re already past that one year - and we’re still going strong . . . had that room not been available, I don’t think I would have been able to be able to nurse her as long as I have.

Video of Teresa Rodriguez giving tour of Mothers’ room:

TERESA: This is our mothers’ room.  We have a sign that we are able to put up to let people know the room is in use. This room’s really good for keeping it nice and calm in here and giving you the atmosphere that you need. When that room is available to you . . . and you know that you are going to be able to step away and do it, that’s emotionally less draining . . . I think it makes you a little bit more productive . . . I think you are able to focus on your work because you don’t have to constantly have in the back of your mind, when am I going to get away.

Video of Linda Manse, Nursing Director of the Pediatric Medicine Unit, at Methodist Children’s Hospital, — shots of her walking through the hospital, then views of Teresa Rodriguez outside with her two children, then video of Geri Collins in her office:

LINDA: It is part of a natural bonding process . . .  and when you have . . . a corporation . . . that encourages that, it shows the community that we are not just a four-walled facility that takes care of you when you’re sick, we are an institution that supports . . . their employees and their families as well.  

Video of Geri Collins — shots in her office and shots of Teresa Rodriguez with her children:

GERI: It’s not expensive at all.  The reward coming back to you is far greater than the little bit that you spent to make it happen. A mom that continues to breastfeed her baby,  you have a healthier baby.  Thereby, there’s higher attendance because she’s not having to stay home with a sick child.  Then you have a mom who is here and doing a great job.  It’s a win-win situation.

Video of Linda Manse being interviewed in the hallway of Methodist Children’s Hospital:

LINDA: When Methodist helps mothers reach their breastfeeding goals, you’ve got a happy employee. When you have a happy employee, you are far more likely to have a happy patient.

Video of Teresa Rodriguez in the hospital and then outside with her daughter:

TERESA: I’m more positive about my experience here because of all of the support and the flexibility that’s provided for us.

Video of Geri Collins:

GERI: Whatever we can do to help them reach the goal that they’ve got for breastfeeding, that’s what we’ll do. You have to take your employees to heart . . . so go for it!

Graphic of Mother-Friendly Worksite Logo

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