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Mother-Friendly Worksite


Mother-Friendly Worksite 

Tesoro, 3 minute 43 second Video 

Video of Alicia Olivarri, Mother and Tesoro Employee, with her baby Lucas:

ALICIA: When my son was born he was five weeks premature, so . . . it was really important to me to be able to provide him all of the benefits of breastfeeding. 

Video of Alicia Olivarri with shots of the Tesoro lobby where she is stationed and then holding her son Lucas:

ALICIA: My name is Alicia Olivarri, I work at Tesoro as an Administrative Assistant in Security. If it had not been for the mothers’ rooms here, I don’t think I would have breastfed as long as I did, and I may not have even breastfed past the time I came back to work.

Video of Clifton Gillette, Director of Health and Wellness at Tesoro — shots of the corporate office:

CLIFTON: Tesoro is an independent Refining and Marketing organization, we have approximately 6,000 employees across the United States. Our wellness program here in our corporate office . . . includes an onsite acute medical center . . . an onsite fitness center . . . and . . . certainly our mothers’ rooms is a big part of our program.   

Video of Alicia Olivarri giving tour of Mothers’ Room:

ALICIA: I knew about the mothers’ rooms before I even found out I was pregnant . . . it was just very easy for me to get down there several times a day, and use it as I needed to. We have three rooms. These lockers are great for storing all of your pump parts that you might need to store.  This (sign) is on the outside of the door to show that someone is occupying the room.  We have the sink where you can clean all your parts.  It’s always supplied with cleaners.  And here, a nice comfortable seat to sit in.  We have our hospital-grade pumps.  It’s very comfortable and . . . I think that it’s a great thing for a company to have.

Video of Clifton Gillette with shots of Mothers’ Room:

CLIFTON: For those who might be worried about the expense . . . I’d have to advise them it is not a lot of money to put something together to help your employees, and you will get multiple returns out of a small investment in this kind of program.

Video of Julie Baldwin, Mother and Tesoro Employee being interviewed inside the Tesoro building:

JULIE: When I had my first child we were not in this current building, but Tesoro was definitely very positive about allowing you the space and the time to pump at work. And then we moved to this building and there were rooms provided which helped even more.  

Video of Lori Darchicourt, another Mother and Tesoro Employee, who joins Julie in the hall for the interview:

LORI: I am due in early February and I’ll take about 12 weeks off after the baby, and when I come back I absolutely plan on using the mothers’ rooms to see how long I can pump and continue to breastfeed my newborn.  My goal is to do it longer this time than I did last time.

Video of Julie Baldwin and Lori Darchicourt being interviewed together in the hallway.

JULIE: It really makes a big difference . . . If I worked for a company that didn’t really have any patience for women being mothers, I really don’t think I would be here still.

LORI: Ditto, yeah – ditto. They both laugh.

Video of Clifton Gillette with shots of health facilities at the office:

CLIFTON: Wellness in general is going to become really one of the key differentiators in…employers that are successful or non-successful . . . identify risk factors . . . to support activities which will increase health which will in turn improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and . . . we absolutely anticipate lower health-care trends over time as a result.

Video of Alicia Olivarri with shots of her at the office and then with her son Lucas:

ALICIA: You hear about all the benefits of breastfeeding, you know the baby gets all the immunities, they don’t get sick, they don’t have diaper rash, and . . . from my experiences, that’s probably true. I was very lucky to have a happy, healthy baby even though he was premature, and I think that breastfeeding helped me to be at work more often. 

Video of Clifton Gillette,with shots of Alicia Olivarri outdoors with her baby and the at work:

CLIFTON: We believe having a mother friendly workplace is just the right thing to do. Not only does it reduce some of the stress that a new parent or a new mother may have, which is good for the mother, but it is also clearly good for the child. And it’s good for the company because Tesoro then brings the mother back to work sooner . . . so it’s really kind of a win/win/win for everybody here in the organization.

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