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Mother-Friendly Worksite

What Is Mother Friendly

Supporting worksite lactation is a simple way to provide your employees with greater peace of mind.

Mother-Friendly Worksites are businesses that proactively support employees who choose to breastfeed their infants. Creating and implementing a Mother-Friendly policy is both simple and inexpensive. The most basic Mother-Friendly policies need only provide a private space, flexible scheduling for break time and other basic support so that mothers may express and store breastmilk for their babies.


It doesn't have to be anything fancy. We at Methodist Children's converted a closet into an employee pump room. It's not expensive.Quote

Geri Collins, Nursing Director

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What is Mother-Friendly

Every employer can develop a policy that suits the unique needs of the business and its employees. By creating a customized policy and putting basic elements in place, mother-friendly businesses support employees to ease the transition back to work after parental leave while continuing to provide their babies with the very best nutrition. Earning your Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite designation lets current and potential employees, customers, and the community know you care about your employees and their families.

"Worksite lactation" is defined as pumping or nursing to extract or express milk while at work.


It is so important to support breastfeeding either with flexible work schedules or clean/private area to pump and store a baby's milk.Pledge Image

Jennie H